My Work

my works are of the “unpainted” type. that means, I paint with digital brushes, oil, watercolor and chalk techniques that are superimposed and mounted in multiple layers. it is a long process of heart, soul and handmade usage of technologies that leads to my works of art, who always have a message and a spiritual expression.

the nakedness in my pictures symbolizes the nakedness in the face of let´s say "god", the nakedness in the face of oneself / one's own honestness, and the nakedness representing the fascination and perfection of the human and especially the female incarnated body, which we choose once consciously.

my goal is to express through my art what we cannot put into words. when i can't express it with my music or my moving images, i reach for the brush. but sometimes both or all three.

Interpretation & Reality

In my opinion, the attraction of art is to interpret reality, to show things that are not possible in reality or that are difficult to stage.
on the other hand, i also find a certain form of "painted" photorealism very attractive.
my works of art are designed in such a way that you can always see something new and you never tire of looking at them.
I also like to design large formats so that the many small details can be better discovered.