Crossborder-Art gives freedom to the variety of expression

i feel at home in different arts. both music and moving images form my sense of this painted kind of art, in which moments are captured for eternity.

after studying music first and then film, life brought me once to painting at some point. so both music and movement can be found in my art. because for me the paintings come out of both.

having this said, i began mixing different painting styles into a new genre. oil, brush, watercolor, chalk (and many others) are layered on top of each other in a way that would not be possible in "reality". Because I create my artwork digitally, oil can suddenly dissolve in water, hard brushstrokes can turn into chalk or I can paint over a wet watercolor design with hard wax chalk. i can decide for myself when my watercolor is dry and i can sharply delimit the colors, or when they continue to merge.


after having always been my own master artistically, i feel at home in dealing with my environment, my emotions, my view of the world and my spirituality through my art.
this is how the motifs and the image compositions result.

Selection of Style

the style results from the motif. i don't have a certain style with which i depict all pictures. the delightful thing for me is to flow with the content of the picture and to find the style for it that the motif tells me.


what i learned very early on is that art is always a question of perspective. depending on which perspective I take as an observer, as an artist or as a narrator, the expression is shaped.
i love to take unusual perspectives in order to leave the path of the "usual". that creates new perspectives, not only for me, but also for my audience.


my works of art are printed on various materials using highest museum-quality state-of-the-art printing processes. this guarantees color fastness and durability. in addition, my works are exclusively produced in limited editions, so that the unique character is retained. in addition, each of my works receives an original signature from me, which gives the artwork an individual note.